About Probus Human Capital Management

Probus Human Capital Management

Probus Human Capital Management assists organizations in getting the most out of their human capital. We focus on applying employees from within the organization in the most efficient way. The success of organizations is largely determined by anticipating and responding quickly on developments on the market. The determining factor here is "Human Capital".

The founders of Probus Human Capital Management are entrepreneurs with experience from multiple branches. They realize, like no one else, that Human Capital Management is not solely based on HR but a strategic vision which greatly contributes to the results of an organization.

Probus Human Capital Management was founded in 1998. In 2000 the founders of Probus also co-founded the international network  ‘Executive-Match’, currently with 8 offices in European cities as well as an office in Boston, USA. Over the course of its existence Probus has fulfilled national and international assignments in the field of recruitment and selection, Interim management in the fields of HR and Commerce, coaching and strategic advice.

What do we represent?

Lat. Probitas, honesty, transparency and openness.

This represents our work ethics. Everything revolves around the person, with all of his/her capacities and personality they will contiribute to the effectiveness and growth  of your organisation.This results in a personal and informal approach towards clients and candidates.








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